L.A.J.C Influence is a PR agency specialized in branding strategy, marketing and communication


We put Data at the heart of your influencer marketing campaigns to optimize your ROI.


L.A.J.C Influence advises you on the right marketing strategy needed to achieve your goals.


Our network of Influencers spans the 5 continents so you can reach out to every communities.


Our influencers are active on various types of media : social networks, print media and television.

The future is made with influence

Understanding that tomorrow will happen and that I can have an influence over it is mankind’s uniqueness.

If you don't include influencer marketing in your marketing mix you are missing out on your targets!

L.A.J.C : your
  • creative
  • innovative

  • digital
  • influencer

  • marketing
  • partner

We put our creativity at the service of your company in order to increase your visibility and multiply your sales,  by using digital marketing and influencer marketing, the essential  tools for the growth of an innovative company.

We will push the boundaries of creativity to make your events unforgettable.

Our greatest achievement : your success .

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